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Back pain will affect 80% of us at some point in our lives and is very prevalent in those with sedentary office jobs. Back pain accounts for 7 million visits per year to the doctor with very little satisfaction or relief.

Back pain results from many different causes with the most common being postural issues in standing and seated positions, muscle weaknesses, poor flexibility and incorrect lifting technique.

The muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs are put under enormous strain in day to day life, if these muscles are functioning incorrectly or the spine is out of alignment this is when pain occurs. Back pain can be relieved through retraining the muscles through pilates to function effectively and releasing tight/ overactive muscles through sports massage and stretching.

Variety fitness has had great success treating back pain for over 10 years and look forward to relieving your pain soon. Check out the package deal below.

6 week Back care package

Initial consultation and postural analysis to identify problem areas (worth £35)

3x Sports Massage to release tight muscles and realign muscle fibres (worth £90)

6x Pilates personal training sessions to retrain and strengthen muscles (worth £210)

Personalised homework sheets to take away and practice at home (worth £50)

Postural analysis after the 6 weeks to show improvements (worth £25)

For only £350 (saving £60)

Contact Sarah for more info or to purchase (only available in East Cheshire and South Manchester)

I want to thank you for sorting my lower back out it’s been 100% better since my treatment with you and after years of throwing money at chiropractors /physiotherapy and medication I wish I had found you sooner.’

Mandie Kimpton

I have attended the Pilates classes with Variety Fitness for two years. Not only has Pilates helped with my bad back, it has also meant fewer visits to the Chiropractor! I also find the classes mentally relaxing, just the ticket after a day at work. Sarah is an excellent teacher and makes every session different and fun.’

Christopher Grime



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