Sarah is a Level 3 Modern Pilates matwork instructor and has a great deal of experience with back pain and rehabilitation, fitness pilates and Pre-Post Natal Pilates. Sarahs sessions are tailored to improve mobility, core stability, abdominal strength and tone, pelvic floor function and reduce back pain. Sarahs clients report great success within a short period of time noticing positive postural changes within weeks of commencing. Sarah holds her classes at her studio in Macclesfield, Variety Fitness Pilates and Yoga Studio, Chatham House, Churchill Way, SK11 6AY.  Booking is essential as these classes are always well attended.  Check out the timetable, choose which class you would like to attend then email Sarah to book your place.

Sarah also runs specific Pregnancy Pilates classes and has had amazing success with this specialist group. The benefits of Pilates during pregnancy offer the mother to be specific exercises that can help improve the birth experience, strengthening abdominals and pelvic floor muscles which helps during labour and delivery of baby. Pilates also helps reduce pregnancy induced back pain and improve posture of mum to be and comfort of baby. Additionally pilates will reduce stress levels of mum to be, aid breathing during labour and offer the baby the best and healthiest start in life. Post natal Pilates classes are also available. Pilates is a fantastic way to reintroduce the body to exercise safely and effectively, focusing on repairing the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles and returning the body back to its pre-baby state.

I first came to see Sarah in May this year. I have rheumatoid arthritis and had been having a particularly bad time with my mobility over the past year and I was looking for something to help with this. I contacted Sarah through the website and she responded immediately. Our first Pilates 1:1 session was fantastic – Sarah knew all about RA, asked me lots of questions and took me through a range of basic movements. Since that first time I have been nearly every week, Sarah tailors the session to exactly what I can manage and has also added in some Reformer work as well……love it! I now also attend group Pilates sessions at the studio as well.  I cannot recommend Sarah and Variety Fitness enough, she is always so enthusiastic and above all else she makes it fun – sometimes my stomach muscles ache from laughing as well as the Pilates. Thank you Sarah, you have given me back mobility which I thought had gone forever.

Emma Morgan

Who’d have thought that an exercise class could be such fun and informative!? Not only have Pilates classes with Sarah improved my core strength and overall fitness/energy levels, I can honestly say I have my best night’s sleep on a Monday and Thursday night and not only that,  I now know how to pressure a boiler and not to attempt false nails after a few too many drinks. The tips are endless! Thanks for making the classes so enjoyable Sarah whilst at the same time maintaining a true balance of professionalism.”

Nicci Hurst

I started Pilates with Sarah after I had torn a disc in my lower back and was recommended Pilates by my physiotherapist. Sarah was fantastic at welcoming me to the group and was very attentive to my specific needs. I found that within a couple of weeks my back felt almost good as new, and by the end of the 6 week course my whole body felt stronger and really toned. I was hooked from then! I would recommend Sarah’s classes to anyone! When I became pregnant, after the first trimester, I started at Sarah’s Pregnancy Pilates and after just the first class I had the best night’s sleep since I’ve been pregnant! It really helps me to keep a good posture (especially with an ever growing belly!) but also is very relaxing and calming. Sarah maintains a brilliant balance of friendliness and professionalism, I look forward to my weekly classes and wouldn’t know what to do without them!

Kate Lewis

I carried on doing Pilates with Sarah up to 37 weeks (out of 39 weeks of pregnancy). Pilates helped to keep me feeling positive and energised. Sarah is very knowledgeable about techniques and can offer safe guidance, which is comforting at a time such as this. I have had 3 children and was considerably older by the time I had my third child. I did not exercise at all throughout my second pregnancy and noted a marked difference with the third pregnancy; I believe Pilates made that difference. It had a  huge, positive effect on me, both mentally and physically.

My youngest child is now 8 months old and after a 2nd caesarean section I needed someone who knew how to rehabilitate me after such a major operation. Sarah slowly, gently, started the rehabilitation process with Pilates and once I had strengthened a little, she stepped up the process. For the past 2 months I have been back training 3 -4 times a week with both Sarah and Dave. Separately, they are working on both my fitness and my figure. I cannot praise them both enough. If I suffer any kinds of aches, pains or illnesses they will both be there to share their expertise and will go to great lengths to help to eradicate any discomfort. Sarah even helps me with diet plans and we often discuss how and what to eat. . .  If only I was disciplined enough to stick to it I would have my perfect figure by now.’

Lisa Samuels

‘I have attended the Pilates classes with Variety Fitness for two years. Not only has Pilates helped with my bad back, it has also meant fewer visits to the Chiropractor! I also find the classes mentally relaxing, just the ticket after a day at work. Sarah is an excellent teacher and makes every session different and fun.’

Christopher Grime

‘I cannot recommend Sarah’s pilates class more highly. Sarah is an expert and a fantastic teacher, she made me feel relaxed throughout the classes and helped me with the different techniques. She teaches in a way that makes the class really enjoyable. Pilates has helped me with my running by improving my core strength and also my breathing techniques’

Laurie Kershaw

‘I started Pilates classes with Sarah to strengthen my core in an effort to avoid injury. The combination of Sports Therapy and continual Pilates sessions has enabled me to listen to my body, the end result has been a great 10km time and fantastic spins at Salsa!’

Lesley Sutton



Fitness professional, Pilates and Yoga studio owner, sports therapist and nutritionist. Love anything fitness related #Pilates #yoga #Macclesfield