IMG_0749Variety Fitness are pleased to announce they are now offering Pilates reformer and cadillac one to one sessions. This excellent piece of kit is equipment Joseph Pilates started out with before adapting his exercises for the mat. The reformer and cadillac can be used for mobilisation, flexibility, core stability, joint stability and full body strengthening. The pilates reformer is so versatile it is suitable for everybody, exercises can be done in seated, kneeling, lay down and in standing. All exercises can be adapted and modified to suit each individual client. Regular sessions of reformer pilates will help improve posture, improve strength and mobility, improve efficiency of movement and reduce back pain.

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Not sure what a reformer and cadillac session involves, watch the video for a short demo.


I first started Pilates to help with an ongoing back problem following recommendation from a physio at the pain clinic.  I was relying on the use of a stick to get around and suffering with back pain and the resulting limp had also caused knee and hip pain.  The group I attended was extremely friendly and not competitive in the slightest. Everyone supported each other. Sarah tailored any exercise which couldn’t be done for each individual.   I not only advanced from beginners to intermediate but also no longer use a stick or support a dodgy limp!  The pain is still there but I can now gain some control through simple movements and righting my posture.  I have also combined the groups with one to one sessions on the reformer and this has really helped my back. After the reformer sessions I feel as though I have done a proper workout with all the effort but none of the pain. The only way to describe the benefit is that I feel looser, more flexible and ‘stretched’.  Even one session every four weeks is now giving on going benefits. I can move easier and feel a general overall fittness which I haven’t felt for a long time. The reformer and the Pilates have replaced painful sessions in the gym and has given me back a lot of confidence I lost following my back operation. 

Kirsten Barton

Fitness professional, Pilates and Yoga studio owner, sports therapist and nutritionist. Love anything fitness related #Pilates #yoga #Macclesfield