Specialist nutrition

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Sarah is a fully qualified specialist nutrition practitioner for food intolerances and allergies, helping suffers of IBS, lactose intolerances, celiac disease, crohns disease, migraines, ADHD and autism for both adults and children. Through her own gastro-intestinal experiences Sarah has carried out extensive research into trigger foods, free from recipes and specialist diets and as a result is fully equipped to deal with special dietary requirements. Sarah has released a ‘free from’ recipe book to cater for this specialist nutrition group, check it out on the shop page.

Sarah also offers personalised nutrition plans to help you manage your symptoms,  specifically tailored to your intolerance/allergy/ condition, check it out on the shop page.

Fitness professional, Pilates and Yoga studio owner, sports therapist and nutritionist. Love anything fitness related #Pilates #yoga #Macclesfield