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Toe nails and trainers

This year Ive had a nightmare with my trainers, Ive ran in Brooks GTS adrenaline 13 for years, however, they have stopped making this shoe so I bought the GTS adrenaline 16. It was a total disaster, it gave me calf problems and was far too firm, I scoured the internet to find the 13s to no avail so I headed back to the running shop in April to be fitted with Asics Gt 2000, I have previously ran in asics when I first started running, so thought Id give them a try. Unfortunately these didn’t work for me and resulted in numb toes (ive suffered with this before), I had new orthotics fitted (you can read all about those in my previous blogs) which gave me hip flexor pain, meaning I couldn’t run for almost 2 months. When I returned to running the basics fell apart at the heel and gave me the biggest blister you’ve ever seen, since then I have reverted back to my very old trainers, the GTS 13, so comfy and fit like a slipper. However, trainers only last so many miles which is why I was replacing them in the first place. I wore them for Cheshire 10k and that is when the toe nail fatality occurred! I lost a toe nail, well actually only half a toe nail and the little blighter hurt like hell! I think this makes me a proper runner now!!!!!! I have been back to the running shop and got myself the brand new sparkly Brooks GTS 18 and let me tell you they are as good as my GTS 13s, Im so happy, Brooks thanks so much for putting some more cushioning in, we will forgive and forget the 16s. Trainers are so important to a runner not from a fashion sense although we do love bright funky colours but from a keeping injuries at bay sense, always go to a proper running shop where they watch you run and analyse your gait. Now Im off to rack up some miles. Oh and if you were wondering my new Brooks are blue.

Tatton half – a new PB

A new PB! I did it in 2hour 4 mins and 46 secs knocking 2 mins 9 secs off my previous PB. Its safe to say Ive finished the year on a high, its not the sub 2 hours I want but I’m getting closer. Ive had a real nightmare with this distance this year, completing the half marathon distance in 4 races in 2017. The nightmare has been because of injury and not resting, which saw my times go from 2h6m55s go up to 2h10 at wilmslow half to 2h 16 mins at Hatters half with my hip flexor injury to finally finishing in 2h4m46s this weekend. To say I’m relieved would be an understatement resulting in tears at the end, Im going soft in my old age!
A little review about the race, it was well organised, well marshalled and had plenty of loos (you know thats important), even though I had to find a friendly tree at 4 miles. But, and its a big but, the course was boring as hell! Can you believe in such a big beautiful park we had to do 2 laps which included going up paths and turning around at the end to come back the way you had just come twice on each lap and then run down the most boring bit of road outside the park and turn back up it in to the park, it was dull. If it hadn’t have been for my cheerleading crew of Rolo and Dave I possibly would have stopped in boredom. There must be better options for a route in such a big space, surely? And, while Im have a moan, the biggest disappointment of the race had to be at the finish when I got told they had ran out of small t-shirts! I was in the first 200 to finish out of 500+ and they had already ran out of small t-shirts, come on Run through UK you can do better than that. This is a bug bear of mine at a lot of races, I regularly tweet the organisers asking if there will be any extra small t-shirts at the finish being only 5 foot and 7.5 stone the over generous smalls are always like a dress. But to run out of smalls before half the field are back in is ridiculous, just a tick box on the entry form indicating what size t-shirt you want is all that is needed, like they do at the English half Marathon and 10k.
To summarise, I wouldn’t do this one again despite the PB.
This completes my races for the year and Im now into Marathon training. Don’t forget if you want to sponsor me, heres the link.

Cheshire 10k

It was wet and windy but it went well. This is a favourite race of mine, always very well organised, plenty of loos and a great fast route. As a regular to this race I know you have to wade through the wet, muddy field of parked cars to the registration tent to pick up your race number, so I had my wellies ready and boy did we need them, the registration area was like a mud bath. After picking up our numbers we headed back to the car to change from our wellies and keep warm as it was freezing. I don’t have an awful lot to say about the route, its fairly uneventful as its so flat but its really pretty and the marshals are always great. As usual, the tractor was pulling out on to the course near the finish, he does this every year, he’s just being awkward, maybe next year I’ll lie in the road so he can’t get past! Despite the tractor trying to ruin the race, I finished in 56m20s, my best time this year. My personal training client Katie (you all remember the 6 stone weight loss) also took part and finished in 57m21s, an amazing time especially as its only her second ever 10k and a year ago she was 6 stone heavier. Sam, one of our Yoga instructors at the studio also took part, this was her first ever 10k (she hadn’t even ran the distance in training) and she finished in 1hour 5mins, a massive well done to them both.
Its Tatton half next week, so I’ll have another race review for you then.

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