Monthly Archives: November 2017

Back up to double figures

Ive been building the miles back up ready for Tatton half marathon in 2 weeks time and Im back up to 10 miles, Im a little behind where I’d like to be but Im still injury free so I can’t complain and to be honest I quite enjoyed doing  distance again. Usually I struggle about 8 miles when I start to go longer but I think I’ve got my hydration and fuel right. I drank water at 4 miles, 6 miles and 8 miles, not a lot of water but enough to keep the thirst away. I also took a gel at 6 miles and it stayed put which is impressive for me (fellow runners and my family know what I mean!!!!!). My plan for Tatton half is to take a gel at 6 miles and 10 miles and take water as and when. Its still won’t be a sub 2 hour (insert sad face here) but after a summer of injury I’ll be happy if its faster than my last time at Hatters half.

This weekend Im running Cheshire 10k, this is my favourite 10k race, its well organised, its in the beautiful Cheshire countryside on closed roads and its flat and fast. This is a regular race for me and this time my 6 stone weight loss personal training client and one of our Yoga instructors are joining me. This race is usually freezing but as long as there’s no rain it’ll be fine.

After Cheshire 10k and Tatton Half I won’t be doing anymore races until the big day – Manchester Marathon 8th April 2018. I still can’t believe Im going to be doing a marathon. Remember if you want to join for any long runs, feel free and if you want to sponsor me, here’s the link, thanks to everybody that already has.

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