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Injury free

Woop woop, Im finally injury free, thanks to lots of Sports massage (thank you Dave), lots of stretching and not as much resting as I should have been doing (hangs head in shame for doing as I’m told). Today I ran 8 miles with no aches, pains or niggles. Ive gone back to my old running trainers until I can get the exact same pair, and when I do locate them, Im going to buy a lot of them. My running routes are different because of moving house, much hillier and Ive gradually built the distance back up. Marathon training is back on – yay! Ive had a few new sponsorships this week for my marathon and I can’t thank you all enough, the money will really help Robyn live a more comfortable life.

After my last two disappointing races due to being injured Im doing Cheshire 10k, this one is an old favourite of mine and Tatton half, a new one for me, both in November. From then on, no more races until the big day, Manchester marathon Im coming for you.

Blisters, bling, beer and T shirt that actually fits

Blisters, bling and beer completely sum up the English half marathon 10k. Ive never taken part in the EHM before and my sole reason for signing up was the bling, its the best medal ever, see below. I ditched my insoles that have been causing my hip flexor problems but kept the asics Id been training in, to my detriment. I got the biggest heel blister at 5k and could feel a blister on each bunion too, but muddled on through, because what choice do you have when you’re halfway round?! And besides, I wanted my medal and my pint! The medal was worth it, the pint, not so much, thats not to say it wasn’t good beer, I just don’t drink ale, Dave loved it tho. And, the icing on the cake was that this is the first race t-shirt I have received, and Ive done a lot of races, where the t-shirt actually fits. Well done EHM, the goody bag was fab.

The race itself was well organised despite the delay at the start due to inconsiderate drivers parking on closed roads and I enjoyed the course, shame my finishing time was rubbish, with lack of training due to injury and big blisters at least I finished. I’d definitely recommend this race and would do it again.


Hatters half review

So I did it, completely injured, completely stupid! I should know better. I limped around the course with my injured hip flexor in a disappointing time of 2 hours and 16 mins, my slowest half marathon to date. If one of my Sports therapy clients came to me with the same injury and wanted to do a half marathon, I would advise them to not do it, so why did I? Mainly because Im stubborn. I had a plan that if I was struggling with the hip flexor I could stop at 3 miles and 10 miles where my cheerleading supporters were based, however, at 3 miles it didn’t feel so bad and at 10 miles, I thought there’s only 3 miles left, I might as well carry on. Great plan, hey! Hopefully Ive learnt my lesson, I’m off for a sports massage.

If you wanted a race review, here goes, really well organised, marshals were great and throughly enjoyed the route even thought theres a monster hill back up to the stadium. Definitely doing this one again next year.

Why I’m running Manchester marathon – maybe Im crazy

I did it, I signed up for the one distance I said I would never run! Have I lost my marbles? Probably!

So why have I signed up? Moment of madness? For the challenge? Too much Pimms? All of the above?!!! To be honest Ive signed up because I think I can do it (confidence wavering as I type that). Im running consistently, my fitness levels are pretty good at the moment, training is going well and more importantly Im enjoying running. Don’t get me wrong I know the training will be tough especially over winter but Ive done my training programme, if any one wants a copy send me an email, and I know the actual Marathon will be even tougher. Im mentally prepared for the hell I’m going to have to endure, I’ll probably cry, I’ll probably have to walk and I’m seriously considering taking butties with me just incase!!! I’m not actually aiming for a time I just want to get round alive! Although a satisfactory time would be a bonus. Physically as long as I can avoid injury, my training programme and the ‘Prehab not Rehab’ exercises (posted on Fb, twitter and Instagram) Im doing should help with this, and the dreaded winter colds training should go well.

There is another reason I am running the Manchester marathon, and that is to raise money for my friends baby girl who was born with brain damage and as a result needs specialist equipment to help make her daily life more comfortable, here is my just giving page if you would like to make a donation.

For now though, Ive Hatters half marathon (my 5th half) and English half 10k to train for in september. Marathon programme starts in November, I’ll keep you updated.



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