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Reformer Pilates – testimonies

Here are a few comments from our clients that have/ having sessions on the Pilates Reformer

I first came to see Sarah in May this year. I have rheumatoid arthritis and had been having a particularly bad time with my mobility over the past year and I was looking for something to help with this. I contacted Sarah through the website and she responded immediately. Our first Pilates 1:1 session was fantastic – Sarah knew all about RA, asked me lots of questions and took me through a range of basic movements. Since that first time I have been nearly every week, Sarah tailors the session to exactly what I can manage and has also added in some Reformer work as well……love it! I now also attend group Pilates sessions at the studio as well.  I cannot recommend Sarah and Variety Fitness enough, she is always so enthusiastic and above all else she makes it fun – sometimes my stomach muscles ache from laughing as well as the Pilates. Thank you Sarah, you have given me back mobility which I thought had gone forever.
Emma Morgan
I first started Pilates to help with an ongoing back problem following recommendation from a physio at the pain clinic.  I was relying on the use of a stick to get around and suffering with back pain and the resulting limp had also caused knee and hip pain.  The group I attended was extremely friendly and not competitive in the slightest. Everyone supported each other. Sarah tailored any exercise which couldn’t be done for each individual.   I not only advanced from beginners to intermediate but also no longer use a stick or support a dodgy limp!  The pain is still there but I can now gain some control through simple movements and righting my posture.  I have also combined the groups with one to one sessions on the reformer and this has really helped my back. After the reformer sessions I feel as though I have done a proper workout with all the effort but none of the pain. The only way to describe the benefit is that I feel looser, more flexible and ‘stretched’.  Even one session every four weeks is now giving on going benefits. I can move easier and feel a general overall fittness which I haven’t felt for a long time. The reformer and the Pilates have replaced painful sessions in the gym and has given me back a lot of confidence I lost following my back operation.
Kirsten Barton
If you are interested in Reformer Pilates sessions, please contact Sarah for more information
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