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Why do pilates?

Still not tried pilates and wondering what its all about and whether it would benefit you? Hopefully this will help you make a decision.


Joseph Pilates is the founder and creator of Pilates, he worked as a nurse in prisoner of war camps in the first world war where he used his physical activity programme to strengthen and rehabilitate war veterans. His philosophy was on the integration of mind and body and his techniques were a combination of mental and physical conditioning. Pilates focuses on strengthening weak muscles whilst stretching tight muscles through good posture, form and technique. The other benefits of pilates include: reduced back pain, improved core strength, toned and strengthened abdominals, improved joint mobility, help prevent osteoporosis, injury prevention and rehabilitation, pelvic floor repair and stress relief.

Pilates is recommended by medical professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and midwives, and many professional athletes used pilates as part of their training programme including Andy Murray, Ryan Giggs, New Zealand all blacks and Bradley Wiggins.

A Pilates class will normally involve standing work focusing on functional movements and balance, work on all fours for bone loading and strengthening, matwork with slow controlled movements to strengthen the whole core and use of small equipment to add further resistance for strengthening.

Want to try pilates, check out our timetable. Follow our Facebook page throughout March for March Matness where we will be posting Pilates exercises throughout the month.


Top 5 tips for reducing heartburn in pregnancy

After hearing from a lot of my pregnant clients how much they suffer with heartburn I thought I’d give you 5 top tips to help reduce your suffering.

1. Eat smaller meals more regularly. Aim for 5 smaller meals as opposed to 3 big meals a day, being too full makes heartburn worse. Also eat slower to allow the digestive system to digest the food slower.

2. Sip liquids in-between meals rather than drinking with your meal. Drinking with your meal dilutes your digestive enzymes making digestion difficult.

3. Take a gentle stroll after eating to aid digestion.

4. Eat at least 3 hours before you go to bed, this will give your digestive system time to work.

5. Keep your head and upper chest elevated at night.

Gestational diabetes

According to Diabetes UK 16% of pregnant women will develop gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that affects pregnant women usually in the second or third trimester. Being overweight/ obese prior to pregnancy can increase your risk of suffering with gestational diabetes as can having a family history of diabetes, having previously given birth to large babies or being from south asian, african carribean or middle eastern backgrounds. Suffering with gestational diabetes can increase your risk of having a c-section delivery, needing to be induced, perinatal death and increase baby’s risk of being overweight/ obese, and having type 2 diabetes in later life.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet of fresh food, not gaining too much weight during pregnancy and keeping active throughout your pregnancy will reduce your risk of gestational diabetes. If you need help with what you should and shouldn’t be eating during pregnancy check out our Nourishing nutrition for mums to be e-book or contact Sarah for more help and advice.

Why you don’t need to detox

Detox-Para-Purificar-El-CuerpoAt this time of year there is always a lot of talk about detoxing and cleansing after overindulging over christmas. Let me tell you you don’t need to detox or cleanse, the body is more than capable of doing it by itself without the use of lotions, potions, supplements, juicing and fasting. The liver’s function is to breakdown harmful substances and filter them out of the body either as bile by-products through the intestines to leave the body as faeces or into the blood for the kidneys to filter and leave the body as urine.  Detox supplements are very effective at pulling toxins out of the body’s tissues, these toxins are highly concentrated and therefore become more dangerous than they were before. Juicing also results in more concentrated toxins in the liver as the lack of fibre in the diet causes problems. Food fibres in the gastrointestinal tract capture toxins from the liver to transport as waste products, without fibre to catch the toxins they get reabsorbed through the intestinal walls and into the blood leading to acute toxicity and blood poisoning. If you are going to juice please eat plenty of fibre. The body is automatically programmed to detox itself with every heartbeat, breath and bowel movement. A healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise is all the body needs to detox, its a natural process with no need for intervention.

Why you need a training buddy

Having someone to train with can keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals and prevent you from falling off the bandwagon. When looking for the perfect training buddy they will need to have similar goals to yourself but don’t necessarily need to have similar fitness levels unless your running/ cycling outdoors. Training buddies can provide you with support, motivation and accountability. Studies have found that motivation to work harder increases if you train with a partner and you are more likely to train.  Having a training buddy can push you to work harder in the form of healthy competition, some people are more motivated when training gets a little competitive, where as others are more motivated by the support a training buddy can give.

What about training with your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife, well studies have shown that can work too. A study by the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University found that if you joined a class/ the gym as a couple you were more likely to continue than if you joined alone. Those that joined alone had a 43% drop out rate and those who joined as a couple had a 6.3% drop out rate.

So, if you are struggling with motivation why not encourage a friend or loved one to join you to make your workouts more successful and enjoyable.

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