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3 weeks of yoga and I can touch my toes

3 weeks ago I started taking a regular yoga class at 7am on a friday morning. Anyone that knows me knows I do NOT do early mornings but as this is the only class I can make I gave in and committed to it. The first week nearly killed me getting up at 6am, I only see that time if I’m going on holiday. I felt a little rough if Im completely honest but once I had a cup of tea I could put words together and speak to people! I was truly hopeless at the poses and really struggled especially as the others were super flexible but I have to say after the class I felt amazing! Going back the second week was easier to get out of bed for as I remembered how great I felt after the first class even though I still had the early morning moodiness until i had a brew. I still found all the poses really hard, that triangle pose is murder! But I’ve got to say having an inflexible friend (he couldn’t make the first week) this week made me feel slightly better! Come on admit it, we all like it when someone is as bad as us at doing something! Anyway week 3 I had a breakthrough, look what I can do now.

11124601_10153362856498689_557030254059104205_nThats right I can touch my toes!!!!!! Not only that I can get my hands flat on the floor I haven’t been able to do this since my gymnastics days back in 2000! Needless to say I’m pretty pleased with myself! Next stop the splits – I’ll keep you posted.

Oh and if you want to be as flexible as you were when you were 18 years old checkout the timetable at our studio for classes.


Manchester Om Yoga Show

17105_10153362856468689_4206784926195067535_nAs quite a newbie to the yoga world I thought I would go along to the show with Dave and hopefully learn a bit and meet yogis. I learnt loads! I had a great day, took loads of notes, picked up lots of leaflets and bought my first pair of true yogi leggings (modelled above). It was brilliant.

The show was organised brilliantly and with a great choice of sessions to attend or watch. I tried yoga from different training schools and different types of yoga which has helped me find the yoga style that really suits me. Im definitely more of a hatha yogi than a flow yogi but I took a lot from all the different styles for sure.

We also sampled lots of goodies such as different flavours of coconut water, aloe vera products, raw halo chocolate which tasted amazing, in fact it tasted so good we will be selling it from the studio as of June. Check them out for more info on their guilt free chocolate on their Facebook page.

This is definitely an event I would recommend anyone to go to. I will certainly be going again next year. Check it our for yourself Om Yoga Show.



There’s not enough time in the day


Time, the one resource that is never in short supply, yet one of the most difficult to manage. We all have 24-hour days, time doesn’t ‘run out’, it doesn’t ‘fly’ – although it may feel like that sometimes..!

Whether or not we feel happy about our supply of time, depends on our ability to make best use of this finite resource.

We ‘use time’, we ‘pass time’, we ‘make time’, we ‘buy time’; we ‘waste time’, we ‘kill time’, we even lose time…?!

Subconscious consumption of time can leave us feeling as if we can’t get a grip, as if we’re stressed, under pressure, powerless… Conversely, mindful use of our daily/weekly/monthly ‘credit’ of time helps with how much we can achieve, and how we feel about it.

Time, is what we want most, but what we use worst.” – William Penn

Whether our challenge is to get more done, or to get the important things done, or indeed to feel we have ‘enough’ time to do what we want or need to do, it is essential to manage time effectively and to our advantage. Without an effective way to organise time, we may feel like a hamster on a wheel…

Sound familiar? Here’s one way to feel more ‘in control’:

  1. Make a list of things that are important to you
  2. Make a second list of things you do every day
  3. Compare the two lists
  4. What small changes can you make to focus your energy on what’s important?


Siân Rowsell is an effective coach and facilitator, helping people enjoy a more fulfilling life in and outside of work. She offers individual coaching on a one-to-one basis. For more information, please email

Suffering after training? Maybe you need to cross train…

Runing man with highlighted knee bones

If you are one of the thousands of people that has taken part in their first race over the last few weeks then a massive congratulations to you! You are now a runner!!! If you haven’t already you should sign up for another event soon and keep the benefits of all that hard work going!

Some of you however will still be suffering from your most recent race or training session so I wanted to tell you about the importance of cross training. Don’t worry, Im not talking about that type of training that involves hundreds of repetitions of different exercises! Instead what your body may be crying out for is the chance to try something different.

Although running is a great (and cheap!) form of exercise it puts huge stresses on our joints every time our feet strike the floor, therefore taking up something with little or no impact is a great way to keep up the training whilst giving those aching joints a rest. Great options include cycling and swimming, they are both similar enough to running in that you will still be able to get your heart pumping but gentle enough so that your body can get the recovery it needs! As the aches and pains of previous efforts subside slowly re-introduce your running sessions.

Don’t think of it as giving up on running, think of it as making yourself stronger for your next session. Believe me your body will thank you for it and the chances are you will actually be quicker when you return!

Running your first race soon? Read this for tips!


With the road running season in full swing and the Manchester 10km just a few days away now there are a lot of you out there who will be taking part in their first race. I thought it would be a great idea to take this chance to offer a little advice as to how to tackle your first race.

The first race you do can be daunting, whether its a 5km park run or a full on marathon, but with a little preparation it can be made a hell of a lot easier!

Firstly arrive early! It might sound daft but i have seen so many people arrive in a cloud of smoke as they race to get to the start line. To be at your best you need to arrive calm so check your route to the venue. Also arrive a good hour early, car parking is usually hard and the start line could be a mile away!

Don’t wear anything new on race day. Ok you may want to wear those shiny new shoes or that jazzy running top but doing so on race day is asking for trouble! You need to break in new shoes and clothing slowly in the weeks leading up to the big day!

Take fluid with you and a snack for when your done. Most races will have some sort of water station but you cant rely on this as they may run out. Also you’ll be hungry when you finish! Take a healthy snack with you such as banana to replace the sugars you would have used for energy.

Start off slowly and get quicker! One sure fire mistake to make your run a misery is to set off too fast! Most smart phones can utilise apps now that tell you how fast you are running. Use them in your training sessions and stick to that pace on race day! Ignore all of those that sprint off at the start, you’ll be seeing them before you reach the finish line!

Run with a friend, this can help the time fly by! Its also a good way of making sure you are running at the right pace. If you can just about hold a conversation between breaths you’re at the right pace!

Safety pins! Most races will involve you picking up a number at race HQ so your going to need these to attach your number to your top when you arrive.

Finally and most importantly, ENJOY IT!! The best part of any race is the feeling of accomplishment you get when you cross that finishing line. Remember this when your running, yes it might hurt whilst your running around a seemingly endless route but keep going and reap the rewards when your done!

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