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Benefits of pregnancy yoga by Saffron Harrison

Dru Prenatal Yoga classes are different to any other type of yoga class. By preparing your body and mind for the changes that it will go through during pregnancy, labour and afterwards to becoming a mother.


The sequences of stretches and movements taught in class will benefit your body by stretching and strengthening muscles all the way through the body including your core muscles and pelvic floor. Combining this with work on your posture we can enhance the optimal foetal position which can lead to a shorter labour. Classes can help with common problems during pregnancy, such as back ache. The yoga postures used help to balance hormones and emotions which help you stay calm and in control.


Using deep relaxation techniques to help  clear the mind and reduce stress. You will also taught breathing techniques that are effective and help concentrate your mind. Both these methods are aimed to help you and your body through labour.

This yoga is safe for any stage of pregnancy and can be modified to suit each individual, using different lying, sitting and standing postures and sequences.

It is also a great place to meet women who are going through the same wonderful experience!

Saffron teaches pregnancy yoga at our studio on Mondays at 1pm as well as other venues in Macclesfield. Check out her website for more details



Mindfulness meditation



Today’s life is hectic, hi-tec and fast moving bringing with it much un-needed stress and anxiety. It has become more and more of a challenge to find ways to quieten the mind from its incessant inner chatter. We never seem to have time to sit back and reflect about what is happening in our lives and why it is happening.

Mindfulness is a powerful and effective tool for managing your life in a more calm and effective manner. Deemed by Lund University, in Sweden, to be as effective as cognitive behavioural therapy for overcoming depression and anxiety. Science has proven the practice literally rewires the brain to deal with whatever arises much more effectively.


It has received vast media coverage recently due to its incredible benefits:-

• Emotional and psychological well-being

• Reduction of anxiety

• Better able to manage difficult situations

• Lowering blood pressure

• Better health and vitality

• Quality of life


This free taster session offers you the opportunity to find out more about the 8 week ‘Mindfulness” course, delivered by Mind-Matters, based on the MBSR pathway developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at Massachusetts Medical University, and the MBCT program developed by Mark Williams, Oxford University.

The taster session will cover

– Introduction to Mindfulness

– What to expect on the eight-week mindfulness course

– How to do a simple mindfulness meditation

Book your place on the taster session NOW

Radiant health seminar 15th Aug 15


pastedGraphic.png“Radiant Health – Now!”


Seminar by John Jezewski, LCPHom, B.Sc Hons, MARH


Saturday 15th  August 2015 from 10 am – 5 pm


Only £25 if booked by 1 August (then £30 and £35 on the door) 


Book online – Alkaline Lunch Optional


or Contact Jan McSkimming on 07970 629064 or John Jezewski on 07909 992260


This is for everyone; newcomers and previous attendees of a ‘Radiant Health’ seminar. Upgrade to the latest, quickest and most powerful way to supreme health. Understand how to plan for and experience true longevity. Imagine yourself as a radiantly healthy, creative and amazing being with unlimited potential. Tackle all health issues from a deeper perspective. Stop chasing symptoms and trying to fix them; instead learn to unearth the root cause and any maintaining causes. Find out where the switches are to turn off all the symptoms.  Understand what has the greatest impact on your health and what simple things give you a massive health boost. John has crafted a synergistic approach to effortlessly implement dietary and other ‘natural health’ changes that deliver ‘Radiant Health’.


Create a bridge to realise your full human potential.


John is an inspiring lecturer, Registered Homeopath and has been a natural health practitioner since 1992. He has treated hundreds of people in that time. Having developed a unique approach he is a specialist in alkaline health, ‘Life-Food’, chronic disease, weight loss, longevity, mental /emotional health and is an inspiring health coach. John is the principal of the College of Alkaline Nutrition; runs seminars and residential longevity health retreats.


Highlights of the day Include




Venue:  Variety Fitness Pilates & Yoga Studio, 1st Floor, Chatham House, Chatham St, (off Churchill Way) Macclesfield, SK11 6AY


Eliminate neck tension in Pilates

IMG_1680Some people experience tension in their neck when performing pilates moves lay on their back. There are 3 things you can do to ease this tension. Firstly ensure you chin is tucked so you can see more of the ceiling in front than behind. Secondly relax the shoulders into the mat, and thirdly try placing a block behind your head as shown in the picture below.  Your instructor will help ensure your head position is correct for optimal spinal alignment. Want to try pilates check out our classes on our website.

Planks are safe

IMG_1681You’ve got to love the scaremongering of newspapers, its the only way they sell! But I just want to put your mind at ease if you’ve recently read the rubbish article in the daily mail about planks causing injuries! Quite a few of my clients have brought up this article in class so I thought it needed clarifying.

Firstly the article and the consultant have absolutely no scientific evidence to back up the claims and secondly the plank isn’t  held for that length of time in any pilates class I have ever taught or attended.

The plank position is part of the leg pull exercise, as mentioned by Lynn Robinson in the article and is perfectly safe. The exercise is controlled by breath and an abdominal contraction with supports the spine throughout the movement. The plank will be held for a maximum of 3-5 seconds depending on the breath of the participant before returning back to the knee hoover position to lower the knees to an all fours position. The breath expands the rib cage laterally which naturally reduces any strain on the intercostal muscles and surrounding joints. You can feel this yourself by placing your hands onto your rib cage and taking a soft breath in through the nose and filling into the lungs, you will feel the rib cage expand and your hands move further apart, this is lateral breathing taught in pilates.  Now try placing your hands so your fingers meet at the joint of your ribs and breastbone and hold your breath, you should feel there is tension in the muscles at this joint , this is where Lisa Brinkworth has possibly gone wrong and caused herself damage, she has more than likely held her breath when holding the plank rather than using the correct pilates breathing to prevent this tension. Joseph Pilates named breath as one of his 6 key principles of pilates due to its importance in movement and stabilisation, not using the correct breathing can have a big impact on how the movement is performed and its effectiveness. Correct technique and alignment of the exercise will also play a big part in injury prevention and a good teacher will always correct with a hands on approach to ensure optimal positioning. Progressions are always taught in pilates with modifications offered for those not yet ready for the more advanced exercises. If you have any questions on this or pilates please get in touch, and remember don’t believe everything you read in the paper!


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