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Variety fitness fixed my back


Have a read of the results our clients have had and how we have reduced and relieved their back pain either through pilates, sports therapy or a combination of both.

I started Pilates with Sarah after I had torn a disc in my lower back and was recommended Pilates by my physiotherapist. Sarah was fantastic at welcoming me to the group and was very attentive to my specific needs. I found that within a couple of weeks my back felt almost good as new, and by the end of the 6 week course my whole body felt stronger and really toned. I was hooked from then! I would recommend Sarah’s classes to anyone!

Kate Lewis.

‘I have attended the Pilates classes with Variety Fitness for two years. Not only has Pilates helped with my bad back, it has also meant fewer visits to the Chiropractor! I also find the classes mentally relaxing, just the ticket after a day at work. Sarah is an excellent teacher and makes every session different and fun.’

Christopher Grime

‘I want to thank you for sorting my lower back out it’s been 100% better since my treatment with you and after years of throwing money at chiropractors /physiotherapy and medication I wish I had found you sooner.’

Mandie Kimpton

A big thank you to Dave & Sarah for looking after me, accommodating me at short notice, the level of professionalism and knowledge they showed towards me and for working their magic on what was an incredibly painful injury’. 

 Sy Whitehall
You’ve done more for my back pain in a shorter space of time than any doctor or chiropractor.
Andy Wright
If you’re suffering with back pain get in touch to see how we can help you

Studio Launch Night

We would like to invite you to our

The best exercise to help with pelvic girdle pain

Pelvic girdle pain can be miserable when pregnant and post natally. The number one exercise both myself and other womens health professionals recommend is the pilates clam. This exercise helps to strengthen the gluteus medius muscle which is a muscle in your bum that helps hip rotation and pelvic stabilisation. Strengthening this muscle will help to make the pelvis stronger and more stable whilst maintaining a mobile hip. The clam can be done both during pregnancy and post natally. Watch the video below to see how to do it. This exercise is so good I make my ladies in my pregnancy and post natal classes do it every week.


why I’m taking up yoga

IMG_1512For those of you that don’t know me, I am a pilates instructor and have always stuck to pilates and shunned yoga, that is until now. With Dave launching his new yoga classes at our studio I have been guinea pig and helped him practice his classes, and let me tell you I am rubbish! Yoga is so much harder than it looks and my flexibility is appalling! Especially considering I used to be a gymnast! So, I have inspired myself to take it up as a regular practice, even though the only class I can make is his early morning class, could be interesting as I am the worst morning person ever. This will be good for me, my flexibility and for my running too! I will keep you posted. My aim is to be able to do the splits again, touch my toes and do the one legged garland pose. For now feel free to chuckle at my revolved triangle stretch! I hope some of you will join me, check out the timetable for classes.

Pilates or Yoga? Which is for me


Pilates vs Yoga

Pilates and yoga have differences and similarities, but both are beneficial to all. Everyone can take part in either regardless of age, size, fitness level or ability. It is however important to attend a class that is suitable for your level such as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Personal preference will play a big role in which you choose but the main differences are outlined in the picture above. If you are unsure which class would suit your needs best please get in touch or check out the website for more information.

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