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More benefits for exercising whilst pregnant

Exercising whilst pregnant – good for offsprings heart

There was a study in the news last week which has shown further benefits of exercising during pregnancy. The new research shows that not only does exercising during pregnancy improve babies heart health it also helps prevent heart problems into adulthood. The study found that exercising during pregnancy significantly alters the vascular smooth muscular lining of the arteries helping arteries to better resist heart problems in the future. If you wish to read the full article here is the link




Is stress making you fat?

Stress = belly fat!!!!!!!!

Stress doesn’t only affect us psychologically it has a massive physiological effect on our bodies too.

Stress increases the release of the hormone cortisol which is directly related to fat storage, creation and location. Cortisol enhances fat creation (lipogenesis) and shifts fat to the abdomen therefore increasing belly fat. The more stressed we are, the more cortisol is released, the more belly fat we have. Of course cortisol doesn’t work alone (all hormones work together) mixed with high levels of insulin (existing body fat or diets high in sugar/starch) you become a fat storing machine. Stress increases hunger and cravings by negatively effecting our hunger and appetite controlling hormones leptin and ghrelin. When stressed we usually crave sugary high carb foods which further increase insulin levels again turning you into a fat storing machine. Stress has also been shown to slow down metabolism making it more difficult to burn excess fat.

The answer, cut down on stress = loss of belly fat.


E numbers and upset tummies

images-2Remember blue smarties! Well, E numbers aren’t just found in sweets, they are also used in pre-packaged foods (such as the ready made curry shown), ready made sauces, soups, cakes, fizzy drinks, frozen foods, tinned fruit, yogurts and pre cooked meats. E numbers are food additives that either enhance the colour or flavour, help preserve the food to last longer, emulsify or stabilise ingredients to prevent separating, thicken sauces or sweeten foods.

E numbers have a huge list of side effects and symptoms of intolerance that could be the underlying cause of your illnesses. The most common symptoms experienced are asthma and difficulty breathing, rhinitis, headaches, swelling of the skin and lips, flushing, hives on the skin, rashes, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and heart palpitations. So if you suffer with any of these symptoms regularly it may be worth checking the labels of what you are eating to check the E numbers, or alternatively just eat fresh!

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