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Top 4 fat burning exercises

Kick your metabolism into fat burning gear with my top 4 fat burning exercises

All you need is a pair of dumbells and 12 minutes of your time

  1. Narrow squat with a lateral raise 60s, 30s pulse squat with arms in lat raise.
  2. Reverse lunge and shoulder press 60s, 30s jump lunge arms by your sides
  3. Curtsey squat with anterior raise 60s, 30s curtsey squat pulses with arms in anterior raise.
  4. Knee repeaters with arms reach and pull 60s each side.

Choosing the right weight to use, if you can complete the 60s easily the weight is too light! you need to be struggling to get through the 60s, if you can’t complete the 60s the weight is too heavy.

Feel the burn!

What is leptin?

I thought as i’m always banging on about leptin I better explain what it is. Basically it is a hormone found in fat cells that sends messages to the brain telling it when you are full.

Low levels of leptin send a message to the brain saying we are hungry and high levels tell the brain we are full. However we can become leptin resistance much like diabetics become insulin resistant. Leptin doesn’t transmit the message to the brain that we are full so we keep eating and gaining weight. Obese people are usually leptin resistant which is why they continue to eat and never feel full. The right levels of leptin can really help our metabolism and weight loss goals. The best foods to eat to control leptin are fish, pulses, veg and foods rich in zinc, potassium and omega 3 fatty acids.

I hope this helps and clears up any confusion.

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