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Dangers of winter training outdoors

As I type my first blog to you (you are used to Sarah, this is David, the other half of Variety fitness) snow is falling from the skies, as it has been for pretty much the last week. If you follow my twitter feed you will have seen me warning of the perils of running outdoors. I am still amazed at the amount of people I see training outdoors in all weathers, be it running, cycling or anything else! Dont get me wrong I think it is fantastic these people have the dedication to to get up and train whatever the weather and there are certainly a few people out there, who may already be struggling to maintain their New Years resolution to get fit and healthy, that could learn a thing or two from these guys! Ive been prompted to write this after a chat with a client from one of my classes who told me proudly they had run to the gym despite the two or three inches of snow that had fallen the night before. What do you think these people are actually hoping to gain from their outdoor training in times like these? Asking this particular person the response of ‘I’ve got to get my miles in’ is all too common. On the one hand yes i agree, as a runner myself i understand the importance of racking up the miles and how hard it can be to get back into it if you miss just a couple of sessions. On the other hand there are so many things that could transpire to prevent your future training as a result of ploughing on whatever the weather. There is of course the obvious possibilities of slipping on some ice and breaking a bone, at best straight away there are 6-8 weeks of your training gone! I have in fact worked in the past with a client that shattered the bones in their arm and spent up to a year trying to get back to where they were. What about some of the other possibilities though? When your out in this weather you cant run with the same gait, or stride, as you would when the weather is more suitable. Changing gait is a sure fire way to increase the chance of injury. We regularly have running clients check in for a sport massage on their back who never experience back pain normally, after some discussion we usually find out that they have been running through the snow. They explain that to make sure they didnt slip they have shortened their stride and landed on a flat foot, with ground strike generally being directly under the bodies centre of gravity. The shock wave that passes through the body when we do this is far greater than normal and this pressure is absorbed by the spine and the muscles surrounding it. If this is what happens to the back can you imagine what damage you are doing to the knees and hips!?! Lets face it I haven’t scratched the surface of what can potentially happen, the short of it is there are just too many risks to training outside in this weather. That doesn’t mean that we should stop training all together though, in fact right now could be a fantastic time to really make progress towards your goals! Too many people are so focused on achieving their goals, for example a 10km race, that they think the only way to achieve them is by completing the same task over and over again in the hope they will simply get better. Think about it, Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah don’t become Olympic champions by just running. They spend a huge chunk of their training focusing on muscle strength, endurance and core stability as well as cross training! Training your body in a way that it isn’t accustomed to will make it work a lot harder than going on an easy version of your regular session. You don’t even need to worry about preparing for such climatic events by purchasing fancy equipment or gym membership. Body weight sessions are more than enough to push you out of your comfort zone. If you are skeptical check out one of our recent videos on our youtube channel, I challenge any of you to put yourself through one of those sessions and come out feeling anything but truly spent! What have you got to loose? This sort of weather doesnt last that long in this country and whats more the chances are that following a week of laying off the outdoor sessions and focusing on a little cross training you will come back to your chosen sport a lot stronger and fitter than ever! Keep fit guys & train safe!

Beat the bloat


So, we’ve all eaten way too much over christmas and our tummies are feeling flabby and bloated! we’ve made the resolution to lose weight and tone up our troublesome areas, but where to start? Lets start with food. We all love to eat and don’t want to go hungry or feel deprived when trying to lose weight so here are a few handy tips to keep you feeling fuller for longer and stop you reaching for the naughty snacks. Eat protein rich food – lean meat/ poultry/eggs/ fish/ tofu/ beans and lentils Eat high fibre food – veg/ unrefined wheat/ beans/ oats Eat porridge for breakfast – on the satiety index porridge is one of the highest ranking foods for feelings of fullness and will stop you snacking mid morning. Try these 3 tips and then worry about what exercise you should be doing.

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