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The ultimate christmas veg

roasted-brussels-sprouts-fd-lg-1Brussel Sprouts. Personally I love sprouts and feel it wouldn’t be a proper christmas dinner if they weren’t on my plate but I know some people hate them. So before you decide whether to omit or eat lets take a look at the good and bad of the little round fella. The bad! Sprouts contain a chemical known as thiocyanate which causes thyroid dysfunction. Thiocyanate belongs to a class of substances known as goitrogens. These substances block the production of the thyroid hormone. Therefore if you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (slow thyroid function) Sprouts along with the following veggies are best avoided; Raw broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Mustard, Watercress. The good! Sprouts contain high levels of vitamin C boosting the immune system, are rich in the sulphoraphane compound which is a great detoxifier, can protect against cancer and DNA damage due to the high indole content which can also lower bad cholesterol levels. They are also very high in fibre which is great for colon health, and have small amounts of zinc and selenium, minerals that we don’t consume enough of. So unless you have an underactive thyroid it looks to me as if you should be eating them. Try this recipe to make them tastier and even healthier. 350g sprouts 1 tbsp butter 100g cooked chestnuts 50g flaked almonds pinch of nutmeg Boil the sprouts for 5 mins and drain melt the butter in a pan, add the sprouts and fry for 3 mins add the chestnuts and nutmeg, cook for another 2 mins serve with flaked almonds sprinkled on top. Merry christmas !

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