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The hotter the better

I love the heat but i’m talking about chilli peppers! These hot little devils have soooo many health benefits you need to be putting them in everything! Chillis contain a compound called capsaicin, capsaicin is responsible for the heat of the chillli and all the health benefits it provides. Eating chillis can have a positive effect on inflammatory conditions such as arthritis due to capsaicin’s anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Chillis are also high in vitamin C and carotenes which boost the immune system helping us fight colds and flu, definately needed in the diet for this time of year then! Red chillis contain more anti oxidants and higher vitamin C levels than green chillis, and the hotter the better. Eating chillis can also have great benefits for people suffering with diabetes as studies have shown that consuming chillis lowers the amount of insulin required to lower blood sugar after a meal. Chillis can help protect against other illnesses such as heart disease and strokes due to capsaicin’s anticoagulant properties and have also been found to block the production of cancerous cells in prostate cancer, so blokes pop a few more chillis in your curries. If those health benefits aren’t enough to get you reaching for the chillis and learning to love the heat then this may do; Chiilis can help with weight management as they boost metabolic rate!!!! So spice up your life and remember the hotter the better.

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