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Vitamin D – the sun has got his hat on

Finally we are experiencing the British summer, we all thought we weren’t going to get any sunshine this year didn’t we? Lets hope it stays. In view of this nice weather I thought I’d do a little post about vitamin D being as sunshine is a great source. It is estimated that half of Britons are deficient in vitamin D. Skin manufactures 90% of Vitamin D with the help of sunlight, by spending too much time indoors you are reducing the body’s ability to make Vitamin D. So get off your bum and take a walk outside!
Now before we all blame the terrible British weather for our deficiencies let me tell you, you can also get Vitamin D from your diet! Vitamin D can be found in oily fish, liver, mushrooms and eggs, all sources which are readily available to everybody, so no excuses!
Vitamin D is really important as deficiencies have been linked to over 200 genes in the body relating to cancer, autoimmune diseases, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and dementia. Vitamin D also helps the body absorb calcium for good bone health.
So while the sun is out take advantage of it and top up your body’s Vitamin D levels. Make sure you are careful though, you only need 2-3 periods of sun exposure in 1 week to reap the benefits.

Happy summertime
Sarah x

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