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Aqua isn’t just for old biddies

I love aqua aerobics bith taking part and teaching it so Ithought I’d tell you all how great it is!

Aqua aerobics is a fantastic workout for everybody, not only does it improve cardio fitness, it burns fat, strengthens and tones the whole body and improves core stability. This is all thanks to the properties of water, in particular the multidimensional resistance water provides and how this can be manipulated to increase the intensity of your workout.

Water is more viscous than thin air therefore you have to work harder in water to create movement than you do on land, and the more intense you make your movements the harder you have to work to react to the water and its resistance. Waves and wave drag also increase the resistance by exerting a greater force for you to work against as does eddy currents that are always trying to pull you back. And let’s not forget about frontal resistance, the easiest way to illustrate this is for you to get in the pool and try this mini experiment, on the spot perform jumping jax, then move through the water sideways, perform the jax again and this time try and move forward through the water, which is easiest? Sideways of course because the greater surface area presented to the water the more energy is needed to move through.

Resistance can also be increased with woggles, water weights and hand buoys, not to mention depth of immersion and types of exercises, I’ll save that for another post.

Remembering resistance exercises are the best way to burn body fat, what better environment to exercise in with all that added resistance, so what are you waiting for get in the water!

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