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Fat free – The truth!

Not all fat free food is fat free! Why? For a product to be labelled fat free it has to have no more than 0.5g of fat per serving. Therefore there is a little bit of fat in it already without even thinking of the serving size and the other ingredients. Most people have a bigger portion than the serving size which means they are having more fat than the product would suggest, first problem! The second problem is even if you do stick to the suggested serving size have you looked at the other ingredients? Most ‘fat free’ food has added sugar (or salt if savoury) to make up for the lack of taste that the fat provides. Extra sugar will be stored as fat in the body because the body doesn’t need the excess sugar for energy, so if you are eating fat free food to lose weight you’ve lost the battle because your body is still storing fat.
Recommended daily allowances state that our diet should be made up of 35% fat. Our bodies need fat for energy, thermoregulation, uptake and storage of fat soluble vitamins, insulation of nerve cells, growth, development and repair of body tissues. The difference is we need good fat not bad fat. A complete fat free diet is very difficult to sustain (I know!) and not advisable, without fat you will seriously compromise your health and you’ll feel miserable (cold and hungry). Moderation is key! Saturated fat known as ‘bad fat’ is what we need to limit, RDA of saturated fat is 11% of the 35% of total fat. Saturated fat is the fat that tastes good (cakes, chocolate, etc) but causes all the health problems, if we limit our intake of saturated fat we will reduce the risk of ill health.
So make sure you read food labels and make a decision is it really fat free (less than 0.5g per serving). Very few products are truly fat free!
A word on low fat products, for a product to be classed as low fat it has to have no more than 3g of per 100g serving. Again the same ruling applies, check the sugar quantity, check the ingredients for sweeteners, flavourings, emulsifiers, thickeners, check the calories, if the calories are high then its no use for weight loss or healthy eating. Low saturated fat products must contain no more than 1g per 100g serving.
Hope this helps!

New year, New you! Succeed or fail?

Happy new year!
As we all know new year is the time we all choose to make a resolution or two, whether its to lose weight, stop smoking, join the gym etc etc, so I thought I’d share a little insight with you.
You will fail!
Unless………………. You make them do it too!
What do I mean? I mean you cannot do it alone! All the willpower in the world will not help you if everyone around you is doing the opposite. Seriously, I know this first hand, I speak from experience.
So, if you are going to make a resolution and stick to it so is everyone around you. This will make your life easier, who cares whether it makes their life easier as long as you achieve your goals you will be happy which in turn will make everyone else happy. So be selfish and subject your loved ones to your torture too, who knows they may benefit from it more than they thought they would.
For example, exercise time becomes family time, you all go for a walk together, two birds one stone!
Make your resolutions work!

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