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Kettlebells are all the rage at the moment we are seeing kettlercise classes popping up everywhere and magazines featuring them as the best exercise since slice bread. So what is this new phenomenon? Well, kettlebells aren’t new, Greek athletes were using them over 2000 years ago as part of their training. Kettlebells are the ‘thing’ of the moment due to celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, Kim Cattrall and Daniel Craig implementing them in their workouts and showing off their perfect bodies and shouting about the benefits of using kettlebells.
So what are the benefits of using kettlebells? A 45 minute workout using kettlebells can burn upto 400 calories, this is due to the compound, rhythmical movements used when training with kettlebells. Using kettlebells can improve strength, power, dynamic flexibility, core stability and cardiovascular fitness all in one go, what more can you ask for? I’d certainly recommend them.
However, a word of warning, if you have a weak core be weary of overcompensating with other muscles leading to bad technique and injury, strengthen your core first. Also, wear gloves otherwise you’ll end up with the biggest blisters you’ve ever seen!
For ideas of exercises you will be able to watch Dave and Myself on you tube next week, will post the link when the videos are up!

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